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[MOL] Hi all/Dee here

Hi all of you Dear Mol Angels,

I have been keeping up with the group but haven't
been posting much since my
dear sweet dad passed away in July. I am slowly
beginning to feel some happiness
come back into my life along with the heartache of
missing my dad so much - so
things are looking up for me.

I want to thank everyone that sent me messages of
sympathy about my dad's passing
and I apologize for not responding to each and
every one of you personally. I can't
tell you how much your kind words meant to me... I
am going to print them out
and take them to my mom when I see her next week.
I will be with her (in
Oklahoma) for two weeks.

I want to say something about what I have learned
about this wonderful group, while
I was sitting back, as a bystander and not a
participant... We are only as strong as
our whole and when some of us sign off then we
lose a piece of all of us... NO
ONE means any harm (intentionally) to anyone else
in this group. Under circumstances
of extreme stress and duress, as I am quite
certain we ALL can relate to, any one of
us can say or do things that aren't what we would
do under normal circumstances. I know
first hand about this, remember the silly cat
incident ??? Remember, Mam :) My feelings were
like raw nerves and I was taking EVERYTHING

I think Lillian and Nancy deserve the benefit of
the doubt about what went on lately. If they
are big enough people to apologize to this group
for something that got completely out
of hand; then who are we to get so insulted and
sign off from this wonderful group. After all
that we have been through together, and
considering that cancer, which is very formidable
foe, is our common denominator one would think
that we are all made of much stronger stuff than

I think that Lillian and Nancy just showed us that
they are only human and that they make
mistakes like everyone. This made alot of us feel
insecure because we depend on them for
SO MUCH in this group...

For the people that signed off because of this, I
hope that you can rise above this small issue
we are all facing a much larger issue CANCER, and
we can't sign off from that if it doesn't act the
way we want it to...

We need each other - let's get on with what is
important - supporting each other and fighting
this monster together... Even though my dear sweet
dad is gone, cancer has entered my life
and will not go away - each precious memory of my
dad reminds me of that hateful disease
that took him from me and my family...  If I can
help just one person beat the odds then I
feel like my research for my dad was worth
something... You all made that possible... Let's
hang in there together!!!!!

I hope that you are all well and I look forward to
participating more when I get back from

Be strong and take care of you and yours,
Love, Hugs, Prayers, and Kisses

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