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Re: [MOL] cancer and job discrimination/Reply

Hi Susie and welcome to our wonderful forum.  The article on discrimination I wrote after hearing of some others who have felt they were discriminated on the job.  All of these four people that I know, were intelligent, worked for large companies and were in management positions.  If there are other Molers on line who have felt discrimination I am sure they will come forward.  There are many who have not felt discrimination also.  As for it wasn't an issue at the time I came down with cancer for the second time I had my own business and then that didn't matter for long either as I went into an Addisons crisis and was left disabled.  I am sorry that you have been discriminated against and hope that it can be rectified. I can get you the National Site that handles this; but hope you will let me do this tomorrow.  I am just not feeling well tonight and am turning in early.  Again Welcome and feel free to tell us your story and to jump into any chatting.  You are now officially a part of our wonderful group, your friend, lillian  By the way cancer discrimination falls under the Disabilities Act; but if it is a small business with few employees it can be rough.  They must hold a job open for you; but it does not mean the same job you had.
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Hi - I saw your internet posting and wanted to chat!  I have been discriminated against because of cancer.  And, I too am looking for this same type of info!  I'd be happy to share my story... and I'm also interested in the results of your survey.