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RE: RE: [MOL] competing during chemo?

Hey, Lynne, Oh I think you DO belong with us, LOL! We are not only 
cancerers here, but also "the ones who love cancerers." But I do 
know you have some very special challenges having a child with 
cancer. My first thought after my diagnosis wa "thank God it is me 
and not my kids..." so my hat's off to you, friend. And thanks for 
the encouraging words about the chemo -- I do know many folks who 
have had minimal side effects, particularly with some of the new 
meds out. And as you say, alot depends on the person (as well as the 
type of chemo).

Anyhow, it is great to meet you, and welcome to Mol. We will be 
keeping you, Katy and Sarah in our prayers, and I hope you'll stay 
with us! Love, Joicy

>I think I don't really belong on this list - I don't have cancer - my 4 year
>old daughter katy has leukaemia.  I already belong to a bunch of paed lists.
>Anyhow - on this fatigue thing:  Katy has never once been tired because of
>chemo, or nauseous.  The only tiredness has come from really low hb.  One
>thing I can see for sure on the paed ALL lists is that everyone reacts
>differently to the chemo and some people have a very strong tolerance.  I
>guess this woman is one of the lucky ones. Long term impact is another thing
>entirely and it scares me.  From what I have seen and heard since Katy's dx
>last year is that the vast majority of people undergoing chemo suffer very
>badly from side effects.  I know that for me it is often a reality check to
>read other parents' mail or see what kids are going through in the
>hospital - life has been pretty much normal for us as a family.
>Take care
>Mom to Katy (age 4 with ALL) and Sarah (4.5 months and a red-headed holy

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