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[MOL] Kathy/Dee

Hi Kathy,

Thank you for your kind words of sympathy - I am
taking it one day at a time - it
gets easy then it gets very difficult - at least
the difficult times a not coming so
often anymore...

I hope that you are feeling great - I am sorry
about your heart problems - I know
that must have been scary but you sound as if you
came through strong and better
than ever... Keep up the good work - we have
missed you online - so many of us
have had to take a break from the Mol group - sad
times but the blessing of it is
that we are all, slowly, finding our way back to
the Mol Angels... I can't tell you
how much all of your support and love have meant
to me over these past months -
it seems like years!!!! We are truly an extended

Well, dear one, I must go do some thing to make me
feel like I accomplished
something today - I guess the first thing would be
for me to brush my teeth :)
I am still in my PJ's  :)  The whole town is shut
down while Dennis knocks on our
door - he is not getting more than one foot in,
unlike Bertha and Fran :(  So
the feeling around here is kind of like we are on
a holiday from the usual hum-
drum daily routine...

Take care and be strong,
Love, Hugs, and Prayers
ps - I have an ex-husband named David - they had
better not EVER think that there
could ever be a hurricane that should take on his
name (just him not all Davids in general)...  They
could call a landfill after him - that would be
fitting  :)  Oh, I am
being nasty - sorry !!!!!

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