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Dear Thomas,  My husband was just diagnosed with the same type cancer in the 
salivary gland on the roof of the mouth.  We find ourselves in the same 
situation you were in. Unfortunately, no one seems to have any answers on 
this rare cancer. His doctors at USC Norris cancer hospital say surgery, then 
radiation, but we are fighting the idea of both. Doctors are notoriously bad 
about not preparing the patient for after effects. Did your doctors recommend 
surgery and you turned it down or was it not an option for you? What problems 
did you encounter from the radiation? Any advice for us?
    We have not decided what hospital to use, but I do have 800 numbers for 
the Cancer Treatment Center if you have not spoken to them. The number is 800 
955-2822. and the web sight is www.cancercenter.com . I wish we could go 
there for treatment, but it is not feasible for us. They may be able to 
provide answers you have not found so far. Just a thought. I hope you are 
doing well. Please let me hear from you. Thanks, Karen Austin
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