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[MOL] understanding and management of early breast cancer

The extended article, accessible by the link, is an interesting summary of
where we are with breast cancer treatment...
love, joicy

Education and Debate: Contribution of randomised controlled trials
    to understanding and management of early breast cancer
    [08/27/99; British Medical Journal]

The randomised controlled trial has become the gold standard for
evidence based medicine; through the unbiased comparison of competing
treatments it is possible to accurately quantify the cost-benefits
and harm of individual treatments. This allows clinicians to
offer patients an informed choice and provides the data on which
purchasing authorities can make financial decisions. We, of course,
subscribe to this view but also recognise this as a gross oversimplification
of the power of the randomised controlled trial. The randomised
controlled trial is the expression of deductive science in clinical
medicine. Not only is it the most powerful tool we have for subjecting
therapeutic hypotheses to the hazard of refutation but also
the biological fallout from such trials should allow clinical
scientists to refine biological hypotheses. Trials of treatments
for breast cancer have, at least twice, contributed substantially
to a paradigm shift in our understanding of the disease. 

The full article can be found at:


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