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[MOL] competing during chemo?

Here is an amazing story that I find almost more unsettling than
inspiring...here is an Olympic athlete who is competing between her 4th and
5th chemo treatments, after a mastectomy. (they don't say what kind)

What concerns me is this...there is no way most of us could ever do this,
and yet a Dr. is saying , "see, you can beat the fatigue, it doesn't have to
hold you back!" However, we haven't seen the long term impact, and most of
us are older and not olympic athletes. With managed care as it is, will this
impact expectations, and cut short benefits and care to those who need it --
like the "drive-through" mastectomies? And also raise the expectations of
bosses and sick time allowed?

No one is more driven than I am, more determined to keep going even when
ill, but I was knocked flat by chemo. I am thrilled for her, but hope it
does not raise unrealistic expectations for the rest of us!

Hope your day is a good one...love, Joicy

A hurdle of life: 4 months after breast cancer surgery, competitor
    soars in world track and field championship
    [08/27/99; Boston Globe]

SEVILLE, Spain - Ludmila Engquist says she's already spoken too
much about the cancer. The 1996 Olympic gold medalist in the
100-meter hurdles, Engquist said she is not here to talk about
the mastectomy she had in April shortly after discovering a lump
in her right breast. She is not here to detail the four chemotherapy
sessions she has already had, or the two that still await. She
is not here to talk about the IV needles, the fear, the uncertainty.
''I am here to compete, '' she explained. In an amazing comeback
that echoes the courage of cyclist Lance Armstrong and outfielder
Eric Davis, Engquist is in Seville this week at the World Championships
of Track and Field to defend her title barely four months after
cancer surgery and in the midst of chemotherapy. 

The full article can be found at:


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