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[MOL] New Molers/an Introduction

To all the new people on this forum, welcome!
Better late than never, hey?
Following is a short (*grin*) bio. on me, my family, and why we are here
on Mol.
As many of you have probably guessed, we have been on here for some
time, signed off for awhile, and couldn't help coming back :).
Anyway, my name is Marianne (shortened to Mam, since we Aussies shorten
almost everything!), I am married to Wayne (a hunk of a man!), and we
have five children, David 15, Damian 11, Jessica 9, Matthew 5, and
Cassie 4.
We joined this list when my husband's sister Lisa was diagnosed with
colon cancer, stage IV, looking for hope, for help, for anything at all
really. We received much support from the people here, many of whom were
having a terrible time themselves. We have been through treatments,
great test results, not so great results, we have seen people pronounced
'cancer free', and we have lost some to God. But the one thing that
resonates throughout, is HOPE. No matter what, it is always here, and
that is what kept us going during the really tough times.
Our Lisa was 36 when she went to heaven, only five months after she was
diagnosed. But with the help of this list, those five months bought our
entire family closer than we ever thought possible. Lisa left behind
three boys, Christopher 17, Luke 13, Josh 6. who are being cared for by
Wayne's mum and dad. 
I am an enrolled nurse, studying towards a degree in nursing (2yrs to
go) and I work with people who have severe physical and intellectual
disabilities. Our youngest daughter, Cassie is developmentally delayed,
has poor vision, fluctuating hearing, and she doesn't speak well - but
she is beginning to say some new words every day now!!! 
We have a strong interest in cancer for the reasons already mentioned,
and because I lost my grandmother to breast cancer when I was 16. That
affected me greatly, I wish these guys were here then!
Well, in a nutshell (yes I know, a huge one!) that's us.
I hope we can be of assistance to some of you.
Love Mam, Wayne and the tin lids.
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