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[MOL] [Fwd: Latest on Vicki]from mam

G'day all,
Remember our young friend Vicki (13yrs now, I think)? When we last
spoke, she was having a very experimental chemo to try and shrink the
tumour she had in her brain. Well, this was so successful that the
doctors were able to remove it surgically, and the metastasis in her
spine disappeared! YeeHaa!
Not all is good news though, as you will see in the latest update from
Peter. So please keep her in your prayers, this little girl has come so
far, and fought so very hard in her short life. I truly believe that all
the good 'vibes' and prayers from Molers last time helped her immensely,
so I ask that you please say another little one, that she may conquer
once again.
Love Mam

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Vicki had MRI scans lat week and while they showed that her spine is
completely clear ( to use the doctor's words "pristine") there is some sign
of secondary tumor activity in the brain.
The doctor ( I presume the onconcologist) is yet to talk to the surgeon but
they are looking at the possibility of further operations.
>From what Carl tells me they have given her maximum Chemo & radiation at
this point in time and further treatment is not an option.
I will keep you informed a things become clearer

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