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[MOL] To all MOLs, please read, I'm sorry, Nanc ():-(

Dear Mols,
I just wanted to post and say how sorry that I am from the bottom of my 
heart, that I was one involved in causing one hell of a problem here.  I 
truly don't know how to mend all the hurts other then to say I am Sorry that 
this ever happened.  I am also sorry that others signed off because of the 
mess and pray that they will return.  I feel for me for now it is best that I 
stay signed off from MOL and give myself some time to calm down.  I will 
remain in touch with whoever emails me.  I will put the album back again at a 
later date, for now I am to sick to do it.  To keep myself from putting my 
foot in my mouth again I will simply say, I love you all, and will continue 
to pray for all of you, and also pray for your safety from the storms, that 
seem to be close to the east coast.
God Bless you all and keep you well, and know that I do love all of you,
Nanc ():-(
Please if you need to know more about this mess, ask someone else.  I want 
this to be the end of it.  Thank you.
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