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[MOL] interferon

I have been on interferon alfa 2b for 6 months now. 
I started the melanoma roller coaster with a mole removal in June of
1997. At that time I was told "no Problem" got it all. Dec 1998 I felt
two lumps in my left groin area directly around from my original Mole.
The lymph nodes in my left groin were removed and 2 of the 18 were
I started the interferon treatments 5 weeks after the operation . The
treatmen is extremely expensive but you have to put a value on a chance
to prevent reoccurence. 42% above not trying interferon.
The treatment is a year long with the first 4 weeks double dose
intervenous 5 times a week. There are many side effects some of which
lessen as time goes on. You have to have a mental preparedness to get
through the year and keep your sense of humor. It will get you down at
times and you will want to chuck it out at times but once you start , Go
for it it's worth the body aches and other effects. 
Just remember its only for a year , I keep telling myself that and it
My wife is very understanding and supports me through my moods and 
trying moments. Worst is over now 6 months to go .. 
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