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Re: [MOL] Mam!!!

Sweetie, it's just a great joy to hear you so happy, because we know
you've been through the mill. And we all need your reminder that healing
does occur, we will smile again, even after very painful,

Wayne & Marianne Rose wrote:
> Thanks Joicy,
> It feels good to be back!
> Wayne actually is getting a pretty good handle on the diabetes, and he
> doesn't have major complications from it (so far anyway!) so that in
> itself is a blessing. He had Ross River virus a couple of years ago, and
> still gets very tired from it, and now with his sugars up, he is even
> more tired. But we will all hang in there, and surely we'll get there in
> the end, just like our Mol friends, hey? *giggle* I'm on a natural high
> this morning, no sleep, beautiful day, lots of coffee, great company
> (molers) please forgive me if I ramble!
> Thanks for the kind thoughts, talk soon
> Love Mam
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