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Dear Molers,
Well, I tried.  I stuck out my hand and said, I think, (to Lil and Nanc), I'll forgive you if you'll say you're sorry.  But apparently neither want to do that.  I've been hurt, cried and  been depressed by the many posts that have come to me involving the Lil v. Nanc fight.  Some of the posts were addressed to me and some were addressed to other people.
Some have said that they just wanted to put this behind them; not be involved.  But I feel I am already involved because of Lil and Nanc's attempts, through sending personal posts to involve everyone else in their fight.
Frankly, I think you both behaved like 2 two year olds; only they probably would have been quicker to make up.  People didn't just come here for the information--they came for the company of similar situated people.  And as very important list people,  if you don't treat others with decency and respect, they may want to get their information from some other place.
I cannot stay here and be abused...say OK...we'll just go on as before; let's make believe none of it ever happened.  It did happen.  And since neither Lil or Nanc have the maturity to say they are sorry to the list, I will just say to everyone left, take care.