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Re: [MOL] Hi!!

Okay Deb,
I am with you.

Here's a plan.
  First, I think one thing that stopped my weight gain is I quit 
drinking pop (carbonated soda). I used to drink a couple of diet 
cokes every day. Now they don't even taste good to me. I think the 
nutra sweet or the carbonation causes bloating.

Walking is good, but as fall fades into winter I lose all desire to 
walk. Right now it is too hot out to walk. I stay in my air 
conditioned house too much. There has to be other things that will 

Now how about dance? Get out some of your old Neil Diamond or Bette 
Midler albums and move to the music. I don't know if I can administer 
a kick through my modem but I guess I can encourage (and maybe nag a 
little). Also try some Latin American dancing. Practice Cuban motion 
to tighten the muscles in the stomach, hips and thighs. Hold your 
arms up and move them around as you dance to build muscle and improve 
mobility in the arms and shoulders.

Yes, we must drink our two quarts of water per day. Another thing I 
have done is buy bags of lemons from our Price/Costco. (They are 
cheaper by the bag) and I squeeze them all at once and freeze the 
juice in ice cube trays. One cube is enough lemon to make a nice 
glass of lemonade. I think there is something in citrus that helps 
the body get rid of excess weight. There is a grapefruit diet, I know.

Now if we are going to do this, can we continue it on the MOL line or 
do we need a different list? How about "Fighters for Fitness". I am 
not really great at thinking up names.

>Dear Liz,
>I have weighted the same for the past twenty-two years. My eating habits
>have not changed at all. I know that our bodies change as we age, but to
>gain 13 pounds as soon as I start taking Tamoxifen, it has to be a
>direct reaction.
>A pack seems good to me. Just don't tell me that you live too far to
>kick me in the butt if I slack off LOL. I have been walking every night
>for about 45 minutes, so I guess I need to either do it in the morning
>too or add some other form of exercise. I can't jump up and down yet,
>running is still not an option either.
>So how are we going to do this? And while we are at it does anyone want
>to join the MOL weight loss club? {Liz please pick a name for this
>group.}  Come on..............
>I am going to look for some good diet recipes and will post them as I
>find them. The first thing I need to get, if I am going to be serious
>about this is a scale.
>If I watch what I eat, eat the right amount and up the exercise time I
>should start to loose weight. Of course we can't forget about the 64
>ounces of water per day. Are you with me Liz? Please say yes. Who else
>is going to jump on board?
>Do we dare to begin tomorrow, Monday?
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