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[MOL] Deb and Liz

>Dear Deb and Liz,
          I hope that you don't mind my butting into your conversation.  I
have not taken Tamoxifen but I was on chemo for a year and put on 35
pounds!  The chemo ended 2 years ago and the weight was still on so this
past winter I joined a group called First Place.  It incorporates weight
loss and Bible study.  I thought that this seemed like a funny combination
at first but I went to the first mtg. and decided to join.  I have a
terrible time losing weight on my own!!  Each week we met for one and a
half hours.  We started with weighing in (UGH!) and then spent about half
of the time discussing nutrition and menus and the other half doing the
Bible study.  I did have a wedding coming up in June so I think that that
was an extra incentive but I did lose the 35 pounds!!  We haven't met over
the summer but we begin again on Sept. 14th.  I would love to lose another
20+ pounds.  The nutrition part of this program was designed by a woman
whose husband is diabetic.  You record all that you eat each day and choose
foods according to exchanges (so many carbs, fats, fruits, etc.)  Drinking
8 glasses of water each day and exercise is stressed too.  If you would
like more info let me know.  Oh, by the way I also joined Rosie's Chub Club
with a group of teachers at school but I must admit that hasn't held
together as well as the First Place group has!!    Mary Ann

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