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Re: [MOL] Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane watch

Title: Re: [MOL] Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane watch
Liz:  We are securing our animals, our two daughters animals; etc.  This makes a total of nine animals to be accountable for.  Excuse me 11 with three of them being goats!  Now, you figure how this will all work out.  LOL!  Mixing goats, cats, and dogs, good gracious, it sounds like we live on a farm.  It is said the storm will not hit us; but the effects of the storm will, with very high winds.  We have a generator and are in the process of letting the tenants in our trailers to be prepared to move out; as they are so unsafe.  They will be the hardest to get to leave, for some reason even though they live in the least safest place they are hard to get to move.  Go figure.  Take care and pray for all of us on the coast line.  Your friend, lillian
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From: Elizabeth Patterson
Sent: Sunday, August 29, 1999 8:23 AM
Subject: Re: [MOL] Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane watch

Hi Lillian,
I take it you are right in the path of this tropical storm. I suppose you know how to batten down the hatches and cope, but I don't envy you the need to do so. We never have any storms that do the kind of damage Hurricanes do. I hope you will be safe and that the storm passes you without causing any damage.

Sunday, August 29, 1999
The National Hurricane Center in Miami has issued Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane watch for Beaufort County. Later today tropical force winds (winds exceeding 39 mph) may effect Beaufort County. Residents should remove articles from their yards which may become flying debris and capable of damaging property and causing injury. Downed power lines may be a problem later today and caution should be taken to stay away from any lines. Residents are asked to report any downed lines to the power company.
Visitor and residents should be aware of the effect of tropical storm winds on large vehicles such as recreational vehicles and camper trailers. Beach erosion may occur and dangerous rip currents are present. Residents and visitors are encouraged to stay out of the ocean today.
The Beaufort County Emergency Operations Center and the Town of Hilton Head Emergency Operations Center will be open throughout the day.