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Re: [MOL] Hi!!

Hi Deb,
Welcome back from your unexpected leave of absence from the list. 
Isn't it interesting that when people get bounced from this list, 
they sign right back on. I wonder if that is true of other lists.

I wanted to comment on the question fo weight gain from Tamoxifen. I 
have been on it for almost a year now and there is no question in my 
mind that Tamoxifen causes weight gain. My primary care physician 
questions it. He thinks I just eat too much. However, I don't eat 
nearly as much as I once did and I stayed thin then. I seem to have 
stopped gaining now, but the weight I gained is very stubborn. I just 
can't seem to lose it.

I do believe that to get my weight back down to an acceptable level I 
need to increase my level of exercise. What do you think? Should we 
join together in a pact to walk or do aerobic dance for a specific 
amount of time per day and check in (like Weight Watchers) to report 
the time spent on exercise and the effect on our weight and fitness. 
We could call it the Tamoxifen Club or the Fighting for Fitness Club 
and invite all who would like to participate to join the group. In 
fact, I wonder if there might be such a group in the medicine on line 

>Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to combat weight gain from
>Tamoxifen? I really have been trying to lose these ten pounds and the
>only thing that happened is that the ten grew to thirteen!!! I asked the
>doctor and she said that yes it was from the tamoxifen. It just won't go

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