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Re: [MOL] Rose update

Hi Mam,
It is good to see you back on line. You have always added a cheery 
voice to the forum. Sorry to hear of Wayne's diabetes. I know that 
would mean some lifestyle changes for most of us. I hope he is 
getting it under control. The dietary changes are absolutely 
essential. My mother had diabetes and so did both of my grandmothers. 
In fact, when I was diagnosed with cancer I was so shocked, I could 
hardly believe it. If they had said I had diabetes, I would have 
taken it in stride because it has been so common in our family. 
However, I have it checked regularly and so far, no sign of it.

It sounds like your family is keeping you busy. Did I count right? 
You have five children? That is certainly enough to keep you busy. I 
was the fifth of six children, and I don't know how my mother kept 
the pace. I have only one and he is grown.

My grandson spent a month with us (My son and I) this summer. He is 
14 and all the kids in the neighborhood really like him, so while he 
was here I had a house full of kids all the time. In fact, I received 
a card from the neighborhood kids telling me they were glad I am 
their neighbor. I suspect it is because they enjoy my grandson and my 
willingness to have them gather and play at my house. Since he left 
for home, my house is really quiet.

Welcome back to MOL. You have been missed.
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