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Hi Mam and Wayne,

Welcome back - you have been missed, especially by
this cat lover  :)

You are right in everything that you said about
this group... I know that this group's
weaknesses are our strenghts - this is what keeps
us human and not immortal like
alot of people think they have become when in the
business of helping others, so
to speak...  We all float away for awhile and then
we come back... You know that
saying - if you love something let it go - if it
loves you it will come back...

Hope that you are doing great and that life has
treated you both kindly...

I don't know if you are aware but my dear sweet
dad passed away 7/11 - I miss him so very much but
his memory lives on in my heart. I am going to
visit my mom for the
first time next week without my dad being there -
this will be very very difficult for
me to do but I can't run away from reality. My mom
and I have become very close
and I am looking forward to spending some quality
time with her and spoiling her, like
my dad asked me to do since he wouldn't be there
to do that for her!

We are watching Hurricane Dennis and getting some
of our supplies restocked just
in case... I am a believer in Murphy's Law!!!!!

Have a great Sunday
Love, Hugs, and Prayers
ps - I want to thank you for all of the kind
messages that you sent for my dad - he loved
them... if you should want to send my mom a card -
it's Mrs. Marlys Wright, 1608 Olive-Windsor
Hills,  Ardmore, OK  73401 - if you would prefer
not to - that is fine - I understand !!!!

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