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[MOL] Hi!!

Dear everyone,
I went away for a few days and came home to find myself kicked off MOL.
Is this my punishment for taking a very short vacation? Signed back on
this morning, so if anyone sent me anything and I did not respond that
is the reason.

Kathy, how were your test results? Still waiting to know that all is
well, as I am assuming it is. 

Got an e mail from Marty that he and Barb have left, today, for Mexico.
I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for them.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to combat weight gain from
Tamoxifen? I really have been trying to lose these ten pounds and the
only thing that happened is that the ten grew to thirteen!!! I asked the
doctor and she said that yes it was from the tamoxifen. It just won't go

Getting ready to get the boys ready for school. I am a slow mover, we
will be going to Reading Pa. on Friday to get them their school clothes,
and book bags. They begin on the seventh, I look for a job on the
eighth. Have had my current job for five years, or is it six, not
looking forward to doing the head hunter routine. Hopefully I will find
something fast that offers good benefits. We could really use dental and
eye care around here. 

Well it's off to the grocery store I go. Joicy have you been to Wegmans
yet? It is incredible!!!!

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