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[MOL] Rose update

Now that I have said my peace in the previous post, I'll give you guys a
quick update on what has been happening. 
I passed my end of second year exams this time, even the one I had to
redo after failing it last year when our Lisa passed away. The first
anniversary of her death, and her birthday were very difficult days for
all of us, but we are getting there slowly, as you do. 
All of the kids are good, Cassie just got new glasses, and we have to
patch her good eye for three hours a day, because the vision in her left
eye is deteriorating. She sees the opthalmologist again next week. She
has begun to say quite a few more words, and has learnt some more signs.
We are looking at other means of communication for her now as well,
using pictures (we call it compic over here). David has left school for
the year, because I have had enough of the school system for now. He is
going to look at vocational TAFE courses for next year. He wants to be a
motor mechanic, so it is probably a better way to go anyway. Jessica
just had her ballet exams, got honours in pre-primary tap, commended in
modern, and passed her grade 4 classical assessment. She still reckons
she is going to be a doctor when she grows up, but she is only 9, and
she hasn't discovered boys yet! So we'll see. Damian and Matthew are
just ambling along through life as usual *grin*. 
Wayne has recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so we have been
busy learning about diet, exercise, insulin injections etc. And having
all kinds of tests to make sure he doesn't have any complications. So
far, so good.
Lisa's boys are doing well, and her mum is coping with caring for the
boys very well. They keep her on the hop though! Everyone else is
hangin' in too. 
Anyway, I have to go to work in a minute, I seem to be on night shift
all the time lately! So take care and love to all
Mam (& Wayne)
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