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Tsk Tsk!
We leave you guys alone for five minutes and look what happens! Goodness
gracious! We received a couple of posts privately which gave us some
idea of what has been happening, but since we don't have the full story
we will not comment on specific happenings but will say the following:
There have been problems on this list before, as you would expect
anywhere there are a lot of people who are hurting. There is also
tremendous support, laughter, tears, hope. In short, each one of us is
human, with our strengths and our weaknesses. It saddens us to think
that this has been happening for a while with people we consider part of
our family. The strength of this list has always been in the ability of
the people on it to pull together in tough times, to laugh together, and
to say sorry when necessary. And haven't we all had occasion to to that?
I remember when Wayne made a comment about cats that upset quite a few
people, and almost made me sign off. Remember? We laugh about it now,
but then, it was deadly serious! 
So, lets get this sorted out, and get back to the bonza list we had
If you guys need a mediator, then by all means email me privately (You
know I am objective, if blunt at times!) and we'll fix things, and get
back to the business of loving one another, warts and all!
OH Yeah, by the way, we are back! *grin*
Mam and Wayne
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