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[MOL] Lessons Learned

Dear friends:  My Mom was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma just 2 long weeks
ago.  At first we freaked out but in this time I've learned a few lessons
I'd like to share.  In everything that happens in life, there are lessons
to be learned. Here are a few I've learned.  Hope this touches many people
in a positive way. Peace and love, Joy

1.  Hope.  It's laways there no matter how bad it gets.  It's not magical
          thinking, it's very real.  Surround yourself with people and docs
who have         it.  If you're doc doesn't have it, find one who does.
There are many out         there.  Dr. Thomas Hogan at Ruby Memorial in
Morgantown's Cancer Center is             one.
2.  Surround yourself with positive people.  That power and the power of
prayer         helps even in the darkest and scariest of times.
3.  A little story... last week, my Mom cleaned out a suitcase full of old
   pictures and gave them to all her friends with whom she spent her most
  enjoyable days.  I really got upset and said I wanted her to keep the
pictures because she'd be here a long time to enjoy them.  I asked her if
  she had given up before fighting.  BIG mistake!  She had not given up
hope.      She simply wanted to take control of something...anything.  In a
disease     where I would imagine a person feels a total loss of control at
first (I     did)she was searching for something that she could have power
over in her         life.  I took the pictures and took some to the people
she wanted to have     them.  It didn't mean she was giving up.  Talk.
Talk. Talk.  It is the best     medicine. Understand where you're loved one
is coming from in this scary     journey. Just be with them wherever they
are at emotionally.  It's one of         the greatest gifts you can give a
4.  Educate yourselves.  Knowledge is power and will help the person make
the         best decisions for him/herself.

I know most of you probably already have learned these lessons but they are
new to me and there may be someone out there as I am, waiting, hoping,
supporting, and loving a loved one with cancer.  Thx.
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