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Re: [MOL] Pet Scans/Target Cell locater test info. from Joy

Once again I thank you for this most valuable information and have saved
this also, along with your first message.  Thanks Joy; as I know this will
be beneficial information that you have given to others.  Your friend,

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> Lillian:  Yes, my Mom had what is called a target cell locater test.  They
> draw about 5 vials of blood.  It is supposed to be able to identify cells
> in the body that are using up glucogens faster than healthy cells.  It can
> give a general area of a possible tumor but cannot identify whether or not
> it's malignant...but usually cancer cells eat up the glucogens faster than
> benign tumors.  The results will be read by the hematologist and
> radiologist at Morgantown.  The doc said that if there are any quesitons
> about the results, they will forward the results to the Armed services lab
> or to Johns Hopkins Hopsital to be read also.  We are dealing with Ruby
> Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia.  It's part of the
> University of West Virginia hospital system.  They have a PET
> only one in this region.  I'm unsure if John's Hopkins Hopsital has one or
> not.  The PET scan consists of the person receiving a combination of
> glucose and radioisotopes either by inhalation or intravenously.  The
> isotopes are color coded and scanned in a machine similar to the MRI and
> followed as they pass through the body.  It is a non-invasive procedure.
> It measures brain and overall body chemistry activity to identify any
> malignant cells in the body.  This is imporatnt because the MRI can only
> identify anatomical changes in the body that may take longer to show up.
> The PET scan shows changes in the body's chemistry which happens faster
> than anatomical changes.  There are mnay good sites about PET scans.  It's
> been around since 1992 and you're right, there are only a few sites to get
> this done at.  I just searched on Yahoo by the words PET scan.  Mounds of
> good info.  Glad I could give something back to this wonderful site.
> this help someone else.  I'll keep you posted.  Yes, I'm trying to make
> sure she gets the very best and the first step was finding a doc that
> speaks of hope.Thx. Joy

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