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[MOL] Martha and Mol

Hi, Martha, I am glad to hear you are back to being part of Mol. You are
a valuable member and I just love to hear your little stories of life in
New York. I have been busy doing genealogical work and gardening which
makes life a little more normal. This in itself seems a daily gift. My
daughter returned from visiting Singapore, Australia and Japan, staying
with our friends and hers  for over a month. We were treated to pictures
in returning as it seems family here were overseas or on the other side
of the country including parts of the southern US!  I have spent almost
a week visiting relatives and friends with Cathy and her album. We had
an interesting family reunion but the busiest part was the planning and
excitement BEFORE the big event. Now I am off Sept 2 to start my family
rounds. A lot of telephoning and e-mailing contacting people I will see.
I hope to include visiting church offices, provincial archives including
the Hudson Bay archives and family genealogists to do some more
research. My people date from the beginnings of the settlement of Canada
so it is immensely interesting to the talk to people who have been
researching our country's history for ages. They make it come alive. 

I remain asymptomatic for reasons which puzzle the doctors. No knowing
how long it will last. I did not qualify for this clinical trial I hoped
I would get on. My onc feels they did not "hit the right spot" . Biopsy
found only dead and necrotic tissue in the pleural area, no bacteria, no
pus, no fungi, no TB. Each biopsy introduces the threat of a lung
puncture (30 to 50%) they say or maybe I misheard and it is 3 to 5! I
will have to check. I will sit down again after my trip and talk about
what to do next. 

I got a hotmail address. Going to try to keep in touch with family that
way. I can't use a phone and this is my first trip alone for over 25
years. Adventure, middle aged style. My prayers every day to you all.

God bless, Jeanne
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