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[MOL] Update to Lillian

Hi Lillian:  My Mom and I went to her first consultation at the Cancer
Center at University of WVA.  We both felt better leaving there as we were
treated like family.  EVERYONE from the doc to nurses to the maintenance
people couldn't have been any better.  The doctor is Dr. Thomas Hogan.  We
pent an hour and 45 minutes examing my mom and even had her take out her
dentures to check her gums.  She said no one has ever done that.  we felt
he was very thorough and will continue to be so.  He is going to have all
her tests she had done locally re-read.  She had the target cell locater
bloodwork done there before she left.  We go back on 9/8 for her to have a
PET scan and another mammogram.  We meet with Dr. Hogan after that on 9/10
to see exactly what's going on where to go from here.  We're still very
scared but it felt better that someone has a handle on things.  I went
there for hope and we had our minds made up that if we wern't given that we
were going somewhere else.  He gave us hope.  I really believe all the
prayers and positive thoughts from everyone here and all our many friends
helped this appt. to go well.  She had a liver biopsy done here before we
went to Morgantown and he's going to have a radiologist who specializes in
diseases of the liver re-read the results.  I pray that it may be something
other than cancer? Well, we have hope.  If there is a tumor in there
somewhere I feel confident that the PET scan will find it or at least where
the cancer cells may be other than the liver.  I wqas thrilled to hear
Kathy's check-up went well.  I have words of encouragement from her as
well.  Thx to all and keep praying as I will for all of you.  Thx. Joy in
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