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RE: [MOL] lung cancer-non-small cell

Title: RE: [MOL] lung cancer-non-small cell

Dear Lynn:  You doctor said WHAT?!!!!  Get a new doctor!!!!  There's nothing like being scared half out of your wits!  No, seriously, if you have faith in your doctor and like him/her, stay with him/her, but don't let this two year prediction limit you in any way.  When I received my diagnosis almost two years ago, I was absolutely devastated, and the prognosis was NOT good, so I certainly understand.  Then I got mad and decided to stand up and fight.  I amazed myself and my doctors, too.  I had sclc and was accepted on a clinical trial.  The chemo was not fun at all, and the radiation wasn't fun, either, but I made it.  The radiation damaged my heart and I needed heart surgery a couple of months ago, but it wasn't all that bad, and today I feel great.  In fact, I'm participating in a run for cancer survivors in the middle of September.  You need to read some upbeat literature -- Bernie Siegel's books are wonderful.  Rent a lot of funny movies, love your pets and your family (not necessarily in that order) -- and enjoy every single day!  I have some tips for getting through the chemo, so ask me whenever you have a question, and maybe I can help you.  Please, please, do not give up.  There is always hope -- always!  Your friend in Boise, Idaho -- Kathy