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Title: Lillian
Hi, Martha:  Reilly is a gorgeous hunk and women are constantly after him, but big sister protects him!  LOL  Boise is lovely right now.  I wish you could come, too, Marth.  It would be so much fun.  Kath
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Dear Liz,
Give Kath some noogies for me!  Tell her I'll be with her for her check-up...she has to still keep coming with me to mine.
Let us know what Reilly's like..and Boise!
Love and Hugs,
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Subject: [MOL] Lillian

Oh Liz, this really got a chuckle from me.  I will enlarge it and frame it, too cute, so right, darn! Thanks for sharing it, love you, lillian
Glad you liked it.

The list has been pretty quiet for the last couple of days. Too bad, I always enjoy reading the posts. Of course, no more than I post I guess I can't complain.

My grandson has gone back to California. Now I am going to take a week off and visit my sister (and Kathy along the way). Then the summer is pretty much over and I have to think work again. Time certainly marches on.

I was sorry to hear from Marty this morning that Barb's tumor markers are up. She has had such a long hard road. I feel very sorry for them.

I note that you have been researching and posting information on all kinds of cancer related topics. You certainly do keep yourself busy. Many can be thankful for that.

I am sorry that Nanc seems so unhappy. I know she is going through a difficult time. I hope things settle down for her soon.

Take care of yourself,
Love Ya