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[MOL] Martha

Title: Martha
Hi Martha,
I will do that. I am looking forward to meeting her. I know I will like her in person. I don't know if I will get to meet Reilly since I am meeting her for dinner right after work on Monday.

I have been in Boise many times. In fact, I lived there for a few months many years ago. It is a very nice little city and it is growing. I remember certain parts of Boise because my grandmother told me all about them. She lived there for several years. Boise is the state capital and it also has a state university so it has lots to offer. It is the largest city in the state as well. It is the place that has the most cultural offerings of any city in the state.

Dear Liz,
Give Kath some noogies for me!  Tell her I'll be with her for her check-up...she has to still keep coming with me to mine.
Let us know what Reilly's like..and Boise!
Love and Hugs,
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