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Re: [MOL] Gill ! for lillian

Hi friend

Carole is not doing too well at the moment, she is keeping upset because she 
can't come home and there is still no room in the local hospice.  I don't 
know if she has had another brain bleed or whether she has just given up, she 
is making no attempt to eat or do anything for herself now and she just seems 
to stare at you, I don't even know if she can see me properly as far as the 
hospital is concerned, they have done the treatment and there is nothing else 
they can do but they don't supply physiotherapy or any stimulation and Carole 
is beginning to talk even less, if it wasn't for the fact that I make her I 
don't think she'd bother at all.  I pray all the time, I go to sleep thinking 
of her and wake up in the early hours still thinking of her.  I don't know 
what is going on in her mind and that troubles me I would love her to come 
home until there is room in the hospice but that is her husband's decision to 
take.  Thank you for being there.
Love Gill
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