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[MOL] Hi everyone....

Hi Everyone
I got a phone call today that was the most disturbing for me.
It was from our PJ.
PJ got an email from Lillian the other day saying some things that I "kept" 
some $ from the donations for Lillians PC.  PJ asked me for the TRUTH. Now I 
don't blame PJ for asking me because she was really really upset with this, 
besides I would ask the same of any other person accused of such a thing.

I told PJ if she actually thought I would do such a thing.  I told PJ besides 
I have all the proof, including copies of everything and I'm sending to her.

PJ is so upset because all she did was write a note that went over the MOL 
Line that was responding to my "Don & Nanc Update".  She was upset that I 
signed off  from the MOL Line and she mentioned all the good I did and then 
she gets a email from Lillian accusing me of doing something so so horrible. 

PJ wants the proof and I don't blame her at all besides I'm glad I saved 

PJ is very upset at this and so am I.

PJ didn't want to mention this to me but because it's eating her up and she 
feels it will make her sick if she doesn't bring this out.   Lillian didn't 
want this to come out but PJ thinks all the donators to Lil's PC are owed an 
explanation if this is true, and I assure you it is not.

And my Friends the proof is in the pudding.

PJ said that she hopes it is not true and if she owes me an apology after 
this I hope I would  forgive her.  
She also feels so bad because of my therapy and my Don's situation.  But I 
assured PJ I would do the exact same thing as she did.

PJ and I are friends and we will continue to be.  I have no hate for anyone. 
I just want everyone to know what is going on and that I will not stand for 
this kind of accusations.

Now my friends I will never sign on the MOL again.  I have definitely been 
through enough with this.  I don't think I deserved it.  I know I didn't 
deserve it.

If you wish to keep in contact with me you have my email address. 

I'm sorry folks for bringing you into this mess but I'm not the one making 

And for all the good I did. God will reward me.  

Remember everyone Auntie/Mom Nanc will tell you the old saying 'WHAT GOES 

God Bless You all.  You are all in my prayers.

Love, hugs & prayers to you and yours,
Mom, Auntie Nanc & Nanc  ():-(((

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