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RE: [MOL] To Frank from Kathy in Boise

Title: To Frank from Kathy in Boise
Good morning, Frank!  I can tell you really like that big old cat!  He sounds gorgeous.  How is your Hope?  Button is too adorable for words.  My daughter's finance brought his older brother over for dinner yesterday.  This fellow is 6 feet 7 inches tall -- seriously!  Button fell madly in love with him.  She was making little cooing sounds, rolling over on her back, and acting like a little slut!  LOL 
We've had a couple of dandy storms here, too, which cooled it off last week very nicely, and our lawn is greening up, too.  The roses are especially lovely this year. 
I'm feeling just fine, Frank -- trying to take good care of myself and get a lot of rest -- but not too much!  It's good to hear from you.  You sound much more "up" than you have for awhile, and that's good.  Love, Kathy
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Hi Kathy:
It was great to hear from you,its been awhile.It looks like we are going to get another storm.It seems like a couple times a week we get more rain.Today it got up to 80 degrees.Usually its around 100 and the grass is burnt.But not this year,its dark green and growing.Our friends next door are in Germany so we are taking care of their grass to.So my whole week is taken up mowing grass.
As I am trying to type this this letter that hudge cat I told you about is sitting on the cabinet next to me looking out the window.He is looking out the window at some birds on the grass.He keeps trying to break the glass to get at them.He must be close to 20 pds now.As I type his tail keeps hitting me in the face,If I pull his tail lightly,he grunts and gives me a dirty look.My grand daughter starts kindergarten in a few weeks.That will be a kodack moment.I went to Wal Mart yesterday and bought all her school gear with a Barbe Backback.
I have been real fatigued lately.They say because I sleep to much,and that I do not eat properly I have gotten this problem.Since my wife dorks the evening shift I just don,t eat.The problem,I am to lazy to cook.But yet I have gained 38 pounds.Then of course all my meds 13 pills a day adds to my fatigue.I,m up for another cat scan in two weeks.
Well anyway,how is your heart and the rest of you.I hope you are taking good care of yourself.Do you have your own computer?Its been awhile,so fill me in to all the details.Well I will let you go,but do take care of yourself.Ok.Love Frank
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Subject: [MOL] To Frank from Kathy in Boise

Good morning, Frank!  It's great to "hear" your "voice!"  How are you doing?  Everything is going great here.  Love, Kathy