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Hi Art
My mom (75 lives in Florida) has colon cancer. Diagnosed 1/98 and surgery. 
Couldn't remove mass/tumor because of size and it was tangled with other 
organs. She was given 2 months to live. She is on chemo still today and was 
given radiation in 2/98.

Now regarding alternative medicine, my husband and I have had great success 
with Chinese Herbs in the past (not cancer related) and we introduced my mom 
to them. Mom is still with us 1 1/2 years later. Mom's Chinese 
Herbalist/Acupuncturist tells mom every day that he is building her immune 
system so the cancer doesnt' destroy it.  Mom's oncologist is dumbfounded at 
why mom is still living to this day because mom's cancer is so large in her 
abdomen her prognosis was ugly.

Ok so that's my story.  If you want to know anything else I would love to 
write you.
By the way I live on Long Island in New York.
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