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Re: [MOL] Going anywhere/Better Not Reply

I can't think of a more delightful way than to be stuck with you Martha, forever and ever.  I think you would make an excelent script writer, who ever had that wonderful idea for you, hit the nail on the head!
Again my day has started in an upbeat manner thanks to your creative writing.  You better not go anywhere or this Philadelphian will come beat up the New Yorker!  Yeah, I sound so big and bad, well just big, huh?  love you, lillian
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From: martha cerreto
Sent: Sunday, August 15, 1999 2:18 AM
Subject: [MOL] Going anywhere

Gee, I'm not going I seem like such a sissy, a weenie...scared of my own shadow...dives under the bed during lightning storms.....NNNNOOOO!!!!!!! (extreme head shakes right to left, right to left with very skeptical expression).
With friends like you...anyone can disagree with my opinion, but you're still stuck with me.
By the way, I know I really do live in the country now.  I wish I could develop a little accent...maybe like I was from Kentucky or North Carolina.  Today on the way home from Inspector Gadget, there was a big storm.  There was a cop on the street directing everyone to the left...I wanted to go straight on.  I stopped to try to talk to him; I still don't know all the side streets around here that well.
He said where did I want to go, and as I was starting to tell him, lightning hit a telephone wire up on a pole, not six feet away.  He made one or two violent motions for me to turn to the left as he was running like heck to get in his car.  I screamed AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH....raised my hands from the steering wheel while I was screaming several times in a kind of up and down motion, and then went left.  (There was no danger, thank God, of anything falling on anybody, although there was kind of an explosion and a lot of sparks.)  The power was out for about six hours.
Living life to the fullest in NY,  I am