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Re: [MOL] Gill !

See my friend, with each new day Carole does better. Oh yes, there could be
a slip in the wrong direction every so often; but her strength, her ability
to laugh, your love and being there for her, she can't help but do well.
Don't ever feel lonely or desolate, we are but an e-mail away from you.
Remember their isn't a moler on line who is not praying, who are not loving
you and your sister.  It just the way it is on our wonderful forum.  A
beautiful extended family, a home away from home, nothing matters to us; but
the well being of those on the journey, their caregivers and loved ones.  No
magic wands, no giftedness; just genuine love.  Two more days and Carole is
still blessing everyone with her presence, see, it does work Gill.  Soon you
two will have to make a little far reaching goals, like the next week, the
next month; but right now enjoy the today's.  love you, lillian

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