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[MOL] Medical update on Don & Nanc....

Hi everyone,
First let me say if I offended anyone about the politics issue I am sorry, 
I'll try and keep my mouth shut.  I won't have to much time to get in trouble 
here after I start therapy next week anyway.  
I'll have my two youngest Grandchildren for the rest of the week end starting 
about noon tomorrow.  Their folks have to go north to be with their other 
Grandpa who has had a stroke, and not doing very good.

Don doesn't need anti depressants, the Doctor told him he needed to talk to 
me and he needed to know the truth about his cancer and to get out of the 
denial stage and take control of it and to include me in his life and to let 
me have a life too, that he should let me get away once in awhile before he 
gets bad and I can't...Also he will have a brain scan in Sept. too.
We did talk and all is much better for the both of us, thank God...

I have to start the ice soaks on my feet again and Therapy next Tuesday,  
every day at first for my back, legs & feet,  he said I will have to do this 
to keep my legs, feet and back working or I would wind up in a wheelchair, I 
just got out of one of them and I didn't like it and don't like the cane 
either, he said it is because of the Lupus.   
I had another reaction to a new medication today, but I am feeling better now.
Love and prayers to all of you,
Nanc ():-)
I guess I'll get back to living and getting well now and quit my whining for 
a while, sorry if I drove any of you a bit nutty...
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