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[MOL] I'm back but no BEDREST

Hi Molers
Well unfortunately I couldn't bedrest for the entire time.
Yesterday I received a call from my son's camp that he had 103.5 temperature 
and needed to rush him to dr immediately.  I made it to the camp in 8 minutes 
which should take me 15-20 minutes. I FLEW THERE. without my wallet or 
anything just keys and slippers what a site I must of been.
When I got there he was totally out of it.
I took him immediately to the dr. and he said it's a horrible viral infection 
that is hitting the kids hard. A fever for 4-5 days and it could get scary.
Well needless to say last nite we were up for the entire nite. My son had a 
temperature of 104.5 and he was going into hallucinations (spelling).  We 
immediately thru him into the tub and the fever never broker unfortunately.
We didn't sleep at all. IT's 11:20 and I have no idea of who the heck I am. 
But he is now drinking without crying and his temp was 102.5 THANK GOD.
This was the scariest time of my life. His temp was never more than 103. EVER

Now for the mothers out there please watch out.  The dr. told me this viral 
infection is a SURPRISE. My son was fine when he left for camp yesterday 
morning but then WATCH OUT the fever came.  He is still not himself very weak 
and we are giving him fluids upon fluids, love upon love, prayers upon 

I had to cancel my amnio this morning at 5a.m. My doctor was incredibly sweet 
to me.  Hopefully, God WIlling next week things will get better.
Right now I'm going in bed and not planning on waking up.
My husband stayed home today to help out thank goodness. Yesterday he has his 
colonoscopy and all is fine. Thank God.  i HAD TO RUSH to pick him up and to 
take him home because his car is dead my car is thankfully ok.
I haven't read any of your emails hopefully tomorrow I will.
I pray for you each of you.  My gosh I'm so sorry for this rambling.
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