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RE: [MOL] Treatment in Georgia - Cori

Hi Cori:  I saw your post.  How did things go in Florida?  How are you
feeling?  What did they do?  I will be back on line Monday unless you email
me before 11:30 AM today.  

Your friend June A.

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> Hi there - just adding my two cents' worth - I would not go back to Emory
> if my
> life depended on it for cancer - maybe for heart troubles, but definitely
> not
> cancer.   The whole saga is too long to go into, but suffice to say that
> my
> experience at Emory and with the oncological staff was the worst
> experience of my
> cancer journey - it triggered more than one letter to the Board of
> Directors -
> not complimentary ones !! I have been there and based on my experience,
> feel
> entitled to "bad mouth" them.  Love. Cori.
> NurseBK@AOL.COM wrote:
> > Lilian,
> > It was good to hear from you.  Bill gets his treatment at NW. Georgia
> > Oncology.  I have met a few people who went to Emory for treatment, but
> left
> > because they did not feel they were included in the decision making
> process.
> > Also, two other men I spoke with said that they felt like numbers rather
> than
> > patients.  Both of them are going to NW Georgia Oncology.  Dr. Gould has
> been
> > wonderful to us.  He is an up-beat positive person that believes that it
> is a
> > partnership( doctor, patient and family). Medicine and attitude go
> > hand-in-hand.  I agree.  Bill never was sick with the radiation nor the
> chemo
> > so far, thank God.   I am sure that Emory has proven to be a good
> facility
> > for some and I do not want to "bad mouth" them when I know so little
> about
> > the facility.
> > Bill goes the 23rd of this month for another CA 19-9 test.  He or should
> I
> > say we are a little anxious about that.  Last time it was so good. We
> pray it
> > will remain very low again.   Thanks for the post.
> > Kay
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