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RE: [MOL] Long silence

Title: RE: [MOL] Long silence

Dear Friend Cori:  It was great to read your wonderful post to all of us!  I hope I've thanked you warmly for the lovely card you sent me and yes, I am getting along famously.  My fingers are crossed for you that everything is a-okay, and that you recover fully from your surgery very soon.  Surgery isn't really so bad, is it?  I thought it was much easier than chemo.  I'm with you -- who let that submit@aol person in?  I've tried to stifle him/her with smart aleck replies, but it doesn't seem to be discouraging it/him/her!  I always love to read your posts -- glad your son is okay, and thank you again for your concern.  Good luck, my friend.  Love, Kathy