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[MOL] Long silence

Dearest Molers - well I finally finished "wading" through over 2500
messages in my email since I last signed on.  Hi there all my dear Moler
friends - I wish time permitted me to answer each email as it deserves,
but unfortunately I am once again headed out of the country to the
Bahamas to continue my treatment which was interrupted halfway due to
intense pain - I returned to Atlanta on an emergency basis, spent a week
in the hospital, and it ended up being gallbladder - so I had
gallbladder surgery - recovered great, and am now headed back to
continue my treatment.  It's been really hectic since I came home - the
usual round of doctors visits and blood work etc etc because the CT
report they took in the hospital looked suspicious....they still have
not been able to determine whether the new showings was as a result of
extremely active immune response to all the treatments I've been
getting, or new tumor outside the chest wall, which would be bad news.
I was not able to find a surgeon willing to go in and take tissue
samples - too afraid of puncturing my lung - so I have to just go with
my inner intuition which tells me - since I feel great now that the gall
bladder is gone, that I'm doing fine because I feel fine.   Please add
me to the St Jude's prayer list - specifically that it's an immune
response and NOT new cancer growth.
I had hoped to have more time to answer emails etc, but in the 10 days
I've been home from the hospital, I had a surprise and wonderful visit
from my sister from Argentina; moved my son and saw him safely ensconced
in his apartment in Athens GA where he'll be attending college starting
this next week; dealt with a dozen doctors and tests, etc., and had to
deal with my oldest son being in a car wreck which totalled his car -
all I cared though was that he was fine....cars can be replaced
(assuming you can afford it - we can't, but we'll figure something out)
- he was rear-ended by a truck, owned by a construction co. - of course
they're giving us the royal run-around - but oh well, that's life...
Anyway, time has been at a premium, and it took me forever to read all
the messages - that is after I deleted sooooo much junk mail....who let
that character submit@aol or something into Molers? - he sends more junk
than the POffice.!!!
Some brief notes:
Sweet PJ - you take care of that wee one and REST you hear !! Thank you
a million times for the card and letter you sent me at IAT - they were
such a wonderful surprise - by the way the PO box is in Fla, I'm
actually receiving them in Freeport, Bahamas....
I'll be there again for 2 weeks till Aug 30, so I'd love to hear from
you  c/o IAT Clinic - POBox 22579 - Ft Lauderdale  FL 33335
Dearest Marty - I am so sorry you and Barb have been having so many
problems - my heart and prayers go out to both of you all the time -
take good care of each other.
Dearest Nanc - I'm so sorry for all your problems with dear Don and your
dear mother - I find it hard to believe how uncaring your sisters are -
and other siblings mentioned in different emails....one day they will be
sorry.  I'm sorry you're so down - I continue to pray that God gives you
the strength and the spirit to continue your difficult caregiving role -
and hope you don't sign off - you're very loved and get lots of support
you need.
Dearest Kathy - I'm so glad to hear you're doing so well and can breathe
better and have more energy and that you and your brother are enjoying
each other. Stay in touch
Dearest Lil - as usual your name appears hundreds of times - and I know
so many appreciate all the work you do to assist people with their
research  -- even if sometimes it runs afoul of copyright laws  LOL!!
Glad person was understanding - I had no idea either. Dr Clement in the
Bahamas would like to know exactly what the radiostatic treatment at
Staten Island consists of to render an opinion - do they have a website
you could supply, or info on it for me ???
All you Molers having various and sundry incidents, ogling and otherwise
with your randy Dads !!...I know by the tone of the messages, they give
you a hard time in many ways - but I echo the feelings of so many who
either got a giggle out of the messages, or those that say at least your
Dads are around to banter and be with ....I am so grateful that my dear
Dad is still alive - he is a warm, gentle wonderful human being - but I
think my Mom keeps his "hands" full !!!
Dearest Jeanne, Chris, Laurie, Joicy, Frank, Carla, Martha, June, Lori,
Gwen - I think of you all and as usual enjoy all your messages back and
forth - loved the baby photo, glad surgery went well....I've laughed,
cried, and shared in your respective news, messages of support, sharing
of information, etc. etc. - please forgive me for not being able to
answer each message individually - you know me, how short'winded I am
!!!! LOL  ---- I'd be here till Christmas answering.  If I failed to
mention anyone, please forgive me also - it was most unintentional.  I
have as usual a hundred things to accomplish today before I leave at 6
am. tomorrow so I just wanted to pop in and say Hi to all....tell you I
miss you and pray for you and think of you - and am doing
great....please stay in touch. I'll be silent again for a couple of
weeks, but then will be back on line in September - so I'll say
au-revoir, and God bless you all.  Love. Cori.

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