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[MOL] Speaking of lousy treatment

Hi Molers,
How patients are treated is a factor everywhere.

I really like my surgeon and his nurse. They are both excellent 
people to work with. However, if I had to base my assessment on the 
efficiency of the front office staff, I would never have met either 
of them. When I was looking for a person to get a second opinion 
about my breast surgery, the director of Wellness House, a local 
support system for cancer patients, suggested I call this doctor, so 
I did.

His receptionist's reaction was, "Sorry, I can't get you in for at 
least 6 weeks, there is nothing I can do." I told here I was 
scheduled for surgery in five days and I needed a second opinion, but 
she just blew me off.  I called Wellness House again and the director 
said, "Let me see what I can do." She made a phone call, talked to 
the nurse and got me in the next day.

No only did I get in, I really like the doctor and he arranged to do 
the surgery the same day I was originally scheduled.

Now, a year later, when I called and scheduled my examination, they 
set up an appointment for me, but when I got there, they did not have 
me down for an appointment, so I had to reschedule.

When I went in I told both the nurse and the doctor, "I really like 
you both, but you have the worst front office staff I have ever 
encountered." And I told them why. I said, You need someone maybe in 
their 30's who has some empathy for people. This girl you have has no 
sensitivity to the people who are calling for help.

I think I got her fired. In a year of working with patients, she had 
learned nothing about being sensitive to their needs.

I don't like getting people fired; I prefer to help them improve, but 
I guess they had had problems with her before and she simply wasn't 
teachable. Should I feel bad?

>Hi there - just adding my two cents' worth - I would not go back to 
>Emory if my
>life depended on it for cancer - maybe for heart troubles, but definitely not
>cancer.   The whole saga is too long to go into, but suffice to say that my
>experience at Emory and with the oncological staff was the worst 
>experience of my
>cancer journey - it triggered more than one letter to the Board of Directors -
>not complimentary ones !! I have been there and based on my experience, feel
>entitled to "bad mouth" them.  Love. Cori.
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