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[MOL] Bill and Hill

Hi Everyone!
I don't know if they are reporting it nationally, but according to the local paper, Bill and Hill are moving to Scarsdale.  Lordy, from the description, I know where the house is, and used to drive past it many a time.  I am happy that I moved north and no longer have occasion to be on that road.
My husband hears scuttlebutt from people he knows in the local County Democratic Party.  They say Bill wanted to be closer to golf courses and Hill wanted to be closer to town.  She won, in this case.  They say it is pay back for her.  She will stay with him until the end of his term; he has demanded that.  Because they will divorce after his term is over, they have picked a house which is not quite as expensive as some they looked at.
I am knocking wood anyway, that they are not moving closer to me.  At least one town they were considering, while a world away from me economically, is within only about 10 miles.  I was not looking forward to what it might do to traffic.  The mayor of the town and a lot of people who lived there said they didn't want them to come, so I guess they let it pass...
From reading about Hill's tour of NY, I don't know why she is doing this.  When I first heard, I thought she would have a good shot.  But she really comes across like a block of wood.  Just this whole tour..there is no publicity of where she is going.  We basically hear about her appearances after she's made them.
I know when Robert Kennedy campaigned for Senate, people knew about where he was going to be ahead of time.  I don't remember...I was in my stroller...but there was one woman...my mom...who took me to go see him.
In reading about Hill's temper, in the White House and trying to understand her from all that's gone down, I think the job she really wants is to be Queen Victoria.  But unfortunately for her, Queen Victoria is dead and even if she weren't, I don't think she would have considered giving up her throne for Hill.
Guiliani isn't too much better.  He is, I'm sure, a good lawyer, and I think, has tried to run NYC as he used to run the local office of State District Attorneys that he headed.  But Congress?  A job where you have to get along with other people who are on the same level as you?  I think both of these people like to tell other people what to do.
He has his own story.  He is married, of course, with two children.  His wife used to do the news on local TV.  He has reportedly had a big affair with someone on his staff...she reportedly left 4 or 5 months ago for a job in Washington, DC.  His wife, has made plain, her displeasure...doesn't go with him to a lot of events..but I guess, is sticking it out with him.  In their case, I suspect it has something to do with being Catholic, and their two little kids which are both, I think, under 10.
But the story of his doings with the staff lady, appeared and quickly disappeared from the paper.  Not that I like reading about such stuff, which I definitely don't...but that is unusual behavior for the press and I can't help but think that the story got squashed because he has been a popular mayor.  
Where is our free press; I think we have lost it.  
If I to get a chance to make up a picket sign telling Hill and Bill to go home, let me know if you can think of anything that rhymes with Arkansas.
Love and Hugs,