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<< How long have you waited friend?  Did you get a second opinion?  It is a
 pretty good idea to get second opinions.  I think your Doctor would work
 with you also on finding a trial and sending your medical records; etc >>

Hi, Lillian;
  Sorry to take so long to write back..I've been trying to spend less time on 
the computer and more time with my family.  
  As far as how long I waited, well, I knew what this (inflammatory b.c.) for 
about 2 months.  It progressed VERY quickly and sort of got ahead of me while 
I was trying to decide what to do.  
  I haven't gotten a second opinion because I figure that the diagnosis is 
right.  Should I get another opinion about what to do about it?  The only 
problem would be that my doctor is so "full of himself" that I'm sort of 
afraid to ask for my records.  He keeps reminding me that he's the "expert" 
and is rather intimidating.  
  Right now, he's got me on Tamoxifen, but I've read a little about 
hyperthermia and it sounds promising for my type of b. cancer.  Have you 
heard of that?
  Thanks, Lillian, and how are you doing with your diabetes?  
Your friend, Roberta
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