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Re: [MOL] Re: Kathy in Boise from Mom (Nanc)

Hi Kathy,
Aren't you afraid that he is on MOL?  I am happy for you that he has moved 
away, you don't need the stress and you need to get on with your life.  I 
have to get to bed, have to get up early to shower and fix my hair.  We both 
go to the Doctor in the morning, I will post one letter to everyone so if you 
have any questions, that I may not have posted just write and ask.  I am so 
happy your feeling better and that you have buttons and your brother.  Thanks 
for caring about us too, now you stay well, you hear, I might need you, I 
think I am heading for rough roads ahead.
Love ya,
Mom (Nanc) ():-)

In a message dated 8/12/99 12:21:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Oh, Nanc:  I'm so sorry to hear this.  Hasn't the doctor checked him yet to
 see what's going on?  I hope this isn't what's happening -- the brain mets!
 I'm so sorry Don is sick again, and it scares me a little, too, but my
 doctor still thinks I'm going to be okay.  I hope and pray this is true.  I
 wish Don wasn't taking it out on you. That makes it hard for everyone.
 Maybe he needs an antidepressant, too!
 I can't complain, Nanc.  I feel better every day.  My energy level is higher
 than it was six months ago -- I seem to be breathing much better, and I'm
 not under the tremendous stress I was before.  As you know from personal
 experience, Nanc -- it can make you very sick.  You need to do some nice
 things for yourself.  
 Button is absolutely the most adorable little creature I have ever seen.  I
 love her to distraction, and I have her spoiled rotten!  She sleeps right
 next to my face on my pillow and wakes me up every morning with puppy kisses
 and the funniest noises I have ever heard a little dog make.  It's like
 she's talking.  It's not a growl.  It sounds sort of like a meow.  Weird.
 My brother and I are getting along famously.  He's happy and I'm happy.  By
 the way, Jerry left the state and moved to Yakima, Washington.  I called
 Yakima information, and lo and behold, the mental midget actually has his
 phone number listed!  There are creditors all over Idaho dying to know where
 he went.  Well, now they do.  (He he).  He's already moved in with a woman.
 This hurt my feelings and made me furious, but I'm getting over it. After
 all -- what did I expect?  I need to get on with it, whatever "it" is!  LOL
 Please take care, my dear, and let me hear from you.  Love, Kathy
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