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Re: [MOL] Treatment in Georgia

It was good to hear from you.  Bill gets his treatment at NW. Georgia 
Oncology.  I have met a few people who went to Emory for treatment, but left 
because they did not feel they were included in the decision making process.  
Also, two other men I spoke with said that they felt like numbers rather than 
patients.  Both of them are going to NW Georgia Oncology.  Dr. Gould has been 
wonderful to us.  He is an up-beat positive person that believes that it is a 
partnership( doctor, patient and family). Medicine and attitude go 
hand-in-hand.  I agree.  Bill never was sick with the radiation nor the chemo 
so far, thank God.   I am sure that Emory has proven to be a good facility 
for some and I do not want to "bad mouth" them when I know so little about 
the facility.
Bill goes the 23rd of this month for another CA 19-9 test.  He or should I 
say we are a little anxious about that.  Last time it was so good. We pray it 
will remain very low again.   Thanks for the post.
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