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Re: [MOL] Lori

Love to get your recipe. as long as there is no Goat dicection involved. LOL Lori
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Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 5:46 PM
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Hi, Lori:  I know how to make eggrolls -- the Vietnamese kind.  My daughter's fiancee taught me how.  They're lots of fun to make and not really very hard.  I can share with you, if you like.  -- Kathy in Boise
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movie no I have not but I am trying to work on my disclipine and write more. disclipine is the key I am learning disabled and Have attention deficit disorder. I am not taking my medication now so cleaning house is really fun! I like the motto I think I will put that in my signature on my email.
Tom and I are getting ready for a party with the neighbors they are Hmoung and have 6 great kids. Coo male, Taung Male, Miekeia female, sandie female, Cahchewa female, and Cachee, female.  when we first move in to the neighborhood march 29, nine days after dad died. The children were hanging out the window watching what we were brining in to the house. In the days to come they would occupy thier time seeing how far they could spit ( the window had the screen removed). So one day I made one of those thought sounds and puffed out my cheeks and spit the kids giggled, then I asked them if it was a one or a ten. Sandie gave me a ten.  We have been playing ever since.
Tom parents had a swing set in thier back yard the one one used so we gave it to yee and Cha for thier kids. Cha (MOM) and I give it until September.  we also gave them a plastic merry  go round so now they take turns making each other dizzy.
The first time we ate with Yee and Cha. we were escorted down stairs to drink rice wine ( more like 180 proof vodka) we did not want to offend them so tom drank. We do not drink very often. They would pass the cup about the size of two communion cups at the Lutheran church around you would exaggerate compliments about the person next to you and drink to them. Tom had three, I had a sip. It was a burner.   My the time dinner was ready tom was walking cross legged up the stairs and did not even see the pig heads and feet  peeking at him from, the white, 5 gallon buckets in the kitchen.  After he ate he did! The food was great by the way.
Since then my husband has come home at midnight from work to find his wife in the neighbors garage drinking beer and watching them cut up a Goat and cook it.
I really needed the Beer to get over the Goat head boiling in the pot. yet my grand parent used to do the same thing out on the farm in ND.  So we ate Goat.
Recently my uncle and cousin came to help tom remove some door from a house that was to be torn down. when they were leaving Corey my cosin said Dad Is that a Dog on that table back there? My uncle said no son that is a goat your cosin  Lori eats goat with the neighbors all the time! They are invited to the party on the 21 also. Do you think they will eat goat???
 I will be teaching the Moms Cha's  and her friends how to make box cake and cookies. I gently let them know I did not want to how to cut up a goat. However I am open to lean how to make egg rolls and other food.
I have to admit I am getting concerned I have know Idea how many people are going to come to the party.  it is pot luck. Cha and yee seem to be telling a number of thier friends. If their friends have under six kids they are newly weds. So my aunt is in charge of getting prized to the relay races and other games we will have to thing of to keep all the kid off the swing set at once. I told Cha that the kids will have to use her bath room because they seem think my house is a children's museum and want to experiment with every thing.  With all my unpacked boxes they think it is one big toy box. I have to watch them all the time and I am working of teaching them boundaries. the older kids translate for the younger when they to not understand. Thus the kid will go to Cha's where there is less distraction to business.
Well I need to clean house.
Take care all
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Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 4:34 PM
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"Life. Be in it.  A good motto for Lori.  I second Kathy's response to your story about your Dad, have you thought of making a movie?  I am in stitches, your writing is so creative, and your inner beauty to overlook his imperfections and love him as he was shines forth.  What a story!  Your friend, lillian
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Hi Lillian and all,
I have made a few decisions for my life. I have been allowing my asthma to stop me from being a part of life too long my doctors have not been helpful at all. I joined Ballys fitness club and started working out with a personal trainer yesterday. My arm hurt from the new effort but I did not run in to to much trouble during the training the manager Elgin is taking me on as a personal challenge. His son has asthma. Thus far he has been very help full. I have been stuck in a cycle of taking medication for the asthma and then having side effects. i.e. Depression and weight gain. It has gotten so bad that I have not been able to work full-time. I miss being a part of life. I listen to all of your struggles Think of my Dad zest for life. I realize that I have been afraid to live for fear of dieting.
So I am going to live. by dad and family always babied me because of my asthma. yet when I was younger I did not know I had asthma and I was a runner, a water skier, a bicycle rider and a hiker. I think my dad would have loved to have changed his life so he could live better and longer. He might have stopped eating so much and played more. Like he did when we were children. He did make one change he stopped drinking for 18 years before he died. That was his one source of great pride. Dad was also very involved with his community as I am my neighborhood.
We are gathering the information for the attorneys for the malpractice case over dads death. It is very painful. we never had a chance to look at other options dad wanted the surgery done and to get bake to life. He witness one of his good friend wasting away from the chemo and cancer. There was perhaps no greater fear for my father ( a fat Man) then to loose that much weight. One of the Doctors was a friend of my fathers. I hope we won't have to sue him. Quakers don't sue to settle differences. The problem I have is that I need to know the doctors here my concerns and acknowledge thier mistakes so they will not do it again. But in the adversarial system the Doctors will not sit down with the family and admit they screw up. The is no reconciliation process short of the court. I do not want this to happen to anouther family Father or mother.
Cindy the neighbor who was stabbed, is doing all right. She is back is work. the police are idiots they are doing every thing to late. i.e. finger prints. picture identification ect. I pray they come up with something. But I will be suprized. We will pursue the police not doing thing right with internal affairs.
I pray for you all
Love Lori
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Date: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 9:48 PM
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Thanks, I enjoyed that.  How's it going for you kiddo?  Let us hear from you, we so enjoyed our chats...your friend, lillian