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[MOL] Giggle.....


>>     Al is at Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final - he's seated in
>>     the first row at center ice.
>>     Shortly after the game starts, a man comes down from
>>     the nosebleed seats, and asks him if the seat next to
>>     him is occupied.
>>     "No, it's empty", he says.
>>     "Why that's incredible! I wonder who'd have a great seat
>>     like this for the Stanley Cup and not use it?"
>>     Dolefully, Al says, "Actually, the seat belongs to me. I
>>     was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed
>>     away. This is the first Stanley Cup we haven't been to
>>     together since we were married in 1967."
>>     Sympathetically, the stranger says, "My sincere
>>     condolences. That's very sad...However, wasn't there
>>     anyone else you knew that might have wanted to be
>>     here with you - a friend, a relative, even a neighbor?"
>>     Al shakes his head sorrowfully, "No, there's no one.
>>     Everyone else is at the funeral."

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