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Found this old msg in my filing cabinet and thought the info may be useful to 
someone on the MOL list.

---- Begin included message ----
Renae, sorry to hear about your dad's diagnosis.  One of the
great sources of free treatment is the National Instititute of
Health's National Cancer Institute.  If a person is accepted as
a patient, NCI provides cutting-edge treatment (clinical trials of
new treatments) and all scans and tests, plus transportation
and a small living allowance for the patient.

Check them out at   http://cancernet.nci.nih.gov   Lots of info
there.  Go look at the clinicial trials for lung cancer, among
other things.

If your dad is retired, is he on Medicare and Social Security?
Medicare should provide a reasonable level of care for cancer.
We'd need to know more about your dad's age and situation
to recommend where to turn for more help.

We also need a more exact diagnosis to help you best.  Is
it small cell lung cancer or non-small cell (SCLC or NSCLC)?
There may be other, more specific words attached to the
diagnosis as well.  It pays to learn all those big words related
to your dad's disease -- including his diagnosis and the exact
forms of chemo he tries.

May peace be with you......................Robin
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