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Re: [MOL] Barb Auslander Update

Dear Marty,
I am so sorry Barb is continuing to have all these complications. We 
are glad to hear from you when you can send an update, but you are 
right, Barb is your first concern and we all know that is as it 
should be.

We all are hoping and praying that Barb will be able to turn the 
corner and experience wellness once again.

>Good morning All,
>Where do I begin? So darn many issues and concerns. Pls indulge me and
>have patience as I may go off in tangents as these medical issues are as
>strange and bewildering and complex to me as they seem to be to the
>Doctors. Barb is a unique medical specimen. She was first diagnosed back
>in 1994 with a very rare adeno carcinoma of an UNKNOWN primary which
>spread Stage IV to lymph glands. So if that is rare, it has been a very
>complicated journey these past 5 years as the side effects and various
>conditions similarly have been rare. But we have dealt with each issue
>and will continue to do so until she is well. So here goes.
>SAw the Neurosurgeon with results of  brain cat scan for post operative
>follow-up. No noticeable after effects of brain blood or hemorrhaging.
>Good news.
>Saw Barbs primary Doctor yesterday as Barb is experiencing continued
>nausea and leg pains. The leg pains are a result from the surgery of the
>head and back and as the Doc put it, may go away in time. Barb is trying
>to overcome with progressive walking therapy as per Physical therapist.
>The nausea is another concern. We had taken Barb off all medications and
>pain pills and supplements and vitamins over the past four days and the
>nausea continues. The Doctor did a cursory physical exam and called for
>an endoscopy. The Doctor told me that she consulted with Oncologist and
>they both feel that it is not cancer related. WE will see Primary Doctor
>once again on the 20th to get results of the endoscopy but in the
>meantime prescribed Compozine for nausea. As for the all the other
>medications and supplements, Barb decided to stay off until the nausea
>goes away.
>Barb had an ultrasound of her neck and chest. The concern is that Barb
>is off coumadin a blood thinner and we needed to know where the blood
>clots are in order to have a boiler plate point of confirmation whether
>to eventually go back to a blood thinner. As it turns out, There is a 5
>cm clot in the right basillic vein, there is also a defect or clot in
>the distal left subclavian, left axiallary and the proximal left basilic
>vein. These are also consistent with thrombus or blood clotting. So Barb
>has blood clots on both sides left and right veins to the heart. She is
>not a candidate for blood thinner at this time as she is healing from
>brain surgery and going back on a blood thinner would be quite risky. So
>each day, I measure her arms and and wrists to see if there is no
>significant change in size. Should there be some swelling, then we would
>have no choice than to use blood thinner. I have just called to make an
>appointment with a vascular Surgeon at UCI for 2nd opinion. We need to
>get those clots open if possible.
>NOw for the cancer issue. There are rising cancer cells. Last ca-125
>tumor marker rose from 62 to 65. Normal is 35 or under. We will take
>another in two weeks and get the results on the 25th of this month.
>Barbara is not a candidate at this time for chemotherapy as that also is
>very risky after brain and back surgery as it may once again cause for
>brain hemorrhaging. I have just made an appointment with two
>Oncologists, one gynecological and one medical to seek 2nd opinions. I
>am hoping that there are therapies that are less toxic, say gene or
>vaccine or immuno. Will know more when we see them at the end of this
>Now, Barb is in discomfort. She has lost weight, but she is one hell of
>a fighter, as you all know. In the meantime, we are making our 2 year
>plans as we always do that encompasses wellness. We feel that is what
>got her to 5 years to begin with. She meditates, she prays, she eats
>well, we are back into walking. WE love each other and we have many
>friends and relatives that love her. So, with that formula we will, God
>willing, overcome.
>NOw, also, I am researching like heck for leads and alternatives. Have
>many thanks to many friends. Barb and I promised that we would sit down
>each day and go over some of these things and will pursue further.
>so, Pls continue to pray for us. I have not written as much as I should
>and need to write more, but every day is a battle, every day there is so
>much to take care of and keeps me away from the chores that need to be
>taken care of personally and business. But, pls be patient with me.
>First priority is my Barb and I will always keep you posted, if not
>everyday. I will not lie to you. Its tough. It has been tough, but we
>will never, ever give up. I know Barb feels the same. Thank you all for
>your love.
>God Bless and pls continue to be in touch as I will  you.
>marty and Barb
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