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Re: [MOL] Nancy E (herbs) oil of oregano

Your husband might want to try oil of oregano but this oil must be extracted 
from a particular wild species of oregano.  This should be available at a 
local health food store.  The brand I found and use is from North American 
Herb & Spice Company and cost $32. For . 45 fluid ounces so it is not 
inexpensive.  I think the 100% oregano oil runs about Seventy bucks for an 
ounce or two.  North American has an 800 number that I have never used: 
1-800-243-5242.  This stuff can be taken internally by the drops or used 
externally.  I wish I could give you some info on its effectiveness but I 
have only recently started using this oil internally.  (It tastes awful.)
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